Washington’s Statewide Legal Advocate Training convenes civil legal aid attorneys and other front-line and case-handling advocates from across the Alliance for Equal Justice. This training, beginning at noon on Wednesday and ending at 6:00pm on Thursday, provides a unique opportunity for advocates to develop their skills and substantive law knowledge in service to their clients.

This year’s training theme is “Shoulder to Shoulder: Pursuing Equity and Justice.” The training will be followed by the 2017 Access to Justice Conference (link), taking place from June 2-4 in Yakima. The Advocate Training will offer lawyering and advocacy skills, while the ATJ Conference will serve as a forum for larger-scale discussion and movement and coalition building. Although these conferences are separate and distinct, each will emphasize our collective need to advance race equity and to work in closer partnership with constituents and communities. These sessions are both a unique opportunity to work across systems, issues, and constituencies to increase our collective impact.

Our collective mission – as articulated in the Access to Justice Board’s Hallmarks – is to expand meaningful access to the civil justice system and to identify and eliminate barriers that deny justice and perpetuate poverty. We encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity to learn, connect, collaborate, and re-energize in furtherance of your critical work at this critical time. We look forward to seeing you in Yakima!

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